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This image reminded me of cloud vortices.

On the topic of clouds, J.M.W. Turner painted the "The Fighting Temeraire" in 1838. I have heard the suggestion – I forget by whom – that Turner's vivid sunsets may have been attributable to atmospheric particulates from the eruption of Krakatoa. This would be impossible since the 19th century eruption of Krakatoa occurred in 1883. (Perhaps the person making the suggestion was dyslexic. It is also possible that I am muddling this Krakatoa-sunset association with a postulated connection between Edward Munch's 1893 painting of The Scream. )

Kerinici volcano on Sumatra has erupted at least twenty times since its first recorded eruption in 1838, as did Semeru volcano on Java. In the northern hemisphere, the Veniaminiof, Pavlof, Shisaldin, Akutain, and Carlisle volcanoes erupted in Alaska. So, particulates from an explosive volcanic eruption could have caused Turner's vivid sunset.

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