Bear Hug

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Most people seem to love Pandas, so here are more images (roll-over link for preview): Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, giant pandas (gallery with National Zoo Animal wallpaper); baby face, handled with latex gloves, I'm ready for my close-up, early steps, playing with food, bear hug from Mama, in the bag, up a tree, in profile, breakfast, roly-poly, sleepy, snow, Mama and Papa, Panda Cam; cub play (main), 'panda' dog (Poodle-Maltese cross); tussle on BBC; Ma and tiny cub (if you love strenuous cycling, enjoy a challenge, have more than two weeks free, and have several thousand dollars, then you could see Pandas while biking in China); Pandas.

These lovable creatures are native only to China and are unfortunately one of the most endangered species. Habitat fragmentation and poaching in China present the panda's greatest threats to survival. It is estimated that as few as 1,600 pandas now remain in the wild. 'WWF works to help giant pandas in the wild through a variety of programs, including scientific assessments, habitat conservation and outreach to local governments and people within the panda's home range.' (WWF: Adopt a Panda)

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