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The image is not by Albert Namatjira, who is the best known Australian Aboriginal artist. His work was European-influenced rather than depicting traditional techniques of aboriginal art.

Amongst famous Aboriginal women, are Kathy Freeman who won gold at Sydney's 2000 Olympic Games (women's 400 meter), and Evonne Goolagong who was one of Australia's most successful tennis players, winning the Australian Open three times, the French Open once and Wimbledon twice. Rosalie Kunoth Monks played the title role in Australia’s first feature-length colour film "Jedda" (1955) before championing aboriginal rights.

Australian Aboriginal People prefer to be referred to by the term "aboriginal" rather than "aborigine". The first European settlers in Australia called aboriginal peoples "aborigine", which merely means "indigenous" and does not differentiate Australian aboriginals from the indigenous peoples of other nations.

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