Wodaabe Yaake

Apparently maidens of the Wodaabe Yaake tribe are attracted to young men who look like these resplendent fellows. . . . roll-over image links for previews or follow the theme trails by clicking on each image to proceed to the next . . .

Wodaabe maidens are courted by these handsome, resplendent, eye-rolling natives who have donned their finery for a Yaake (dance). At 'Cure Salée' festival gatherings in Nigeria, the Wodaabe (Bororo) are a small minority belonging to the wider group of the Fulani. The Wodaabe have preserved their ancient nomadic tradition.

The 'Cure Salée', meaning Salt Cure, festival attracts Niger's other nomadic groups, the Tuaregs, and Arabs. (Click here for a high resolution image of a Tuareg tribesman riding a camel.)

. . . National Geographic photo (hi-res) . . .

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