Vaquita Porpoise

The vaquita (Phocoena sinus) is a rare species of porpoise that is endemic to the northern part of the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez). It is estimated that only 100-300 individuals remain alive, and with the recent functional extinctinction of the Baiji (Yangtze River Dolphin), the vaquita is now the world's most endangered cetacean.

Porpoises are distinct from dolphins, although the word "porpoise" has been used to refer to any small dolphin. The most obvious visible difference between the two groups is that porpoises have flattened, spade-shaped teeth distinct from the conical teeth of dolphins.

Other names for the vaquita ('little cow' in Spanish) include Cochito, Gulf of California Harbor Porpoise, Gulf of California Porpoise, Gulf Porpoise, Hafenschweinswal, and Marsouin du Golfe de Californie.

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